Hot Flash Balloon

About the Hot Flash Balloon

The Hot Flash Balloon provides fast and effective hot flash relief in a flexible cold pack.

The Hot Flash Balloon is a form of relief. The relief comes in the shape of a balloon, filled with a cooling agent that is literally, liquid ice.

And, it can burn, baby burn your chest and breasts (a.k.a. the “Sisters”). That is why the Wraps are provided, to prevent burning.

The Hot Flash Balloon is your personal cooling system to relieve the symptoms of hot flashes.

Hot Flash Balloon_Packaging

Freeze & Go

Get hot flash relief quickly, discreetly, and comfortably. 

Hot Flash Balloon_Insert Balloon Sequence 1
Freeze, Wrap & Insert
Hot Flash Balloon_Insert Balloon Sequence 2
Tweak For Comfort
Hot Flash Balloon_Insert Balloon Sequence 3
Discreet Cold Relief

What's included with the Hot Flash Balloon?

Hot Flash Balloon_What Is Included_Strip 1_Wraps
Hot Flash Balloon_What Is Included_Strip 3_Container
Hot Flash Balloon_Two Wraps

(2) Wraps
Learn more about our Wraps here.

Hot Flash Balloon_3 Balloon Formation

(3) Balloons
Learn more about our Balloons here.

Hot Flash Balloon_Vented Hinged Packaging

Storage Container
Learn more about our Container here.

"There is no physical pain associated with hot flashes, but there is social pain. The pain of not knowing if you’re going to sweat out in public."
A Hot Flash Sister
"I no longer gush out sweat because I am cold at my core with a Hot Flash Balloon."
New Mexico

Features • Advantages • Benefits


  • Molds to your body for direct contact
  • Reusable cooling formula for hot flash relief


  • Provides hot flash cold relief while remaining flexible
  • Applied cold relief to the female core and breasts


  • Discrete and keeps you cool when it really matters
  • Relieves the symptoms of hot flashes
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