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Hot Flash relief!

The Hot Flash Balloon is your personal cooling system.

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Hot Flash Relief in a Balloon!

The Hot Flash Balloon provides fast and effective hot flash relief in a flexible, reusable, and freezable balloon.




Three Steps to Hot Flash Relief!

Step 1… Freeze

Place the entire Hot Flash Balloon packaging in the freezer overnight.

Step 2… Wrap

Cover a frozen Hot Flash Balloon with the included Wrap(s).

Step 3… Insert

Insert in between chest, breasts, and bra.

One Size Fits All

The design of bras will hold a Hot Flash Balloon in place.

It's a Wrap!

A Wrapped Hot Flash Balloon will conform to your body for a maximum transfer of cold relief.

Discreetly Functional 

A Hot Flash Balloon allows itself to center at the breastbone for maximum hot flash relief.

The Hot Flash Balloon is ideal for women in the workforce that need to keep their “cool” during a hot flash.

The Hot Flash Balloon keeps you cool at your core giving you cool and discreet comfort.

Cool Confident

Not just for HOT FLASHES

Whether you’re hiking, biking, golfing, or doing yoga, the Hot Flash Balloon keeps you cool!

The Hot Flash BalloonHot flash relief and dare we say, not only in a menopausal way.

Peace of Mind

Have peace of mind your core body temperature will not reach the point of sweating out during the important times in life.

Keep your

cool with the

Hot Flash


Hot Flash Balloon_Product Packaging

Hot Flash Balloon

Your personal cooling system!

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